An Introduction…..

An introduction…

This is strange…I’m unsure of what to say exactly. I live in a place where the internet connection isn’t very strong. My name is irrelevant, so is my age. I’m just a voice, listening, as well as waiting to be heard.

They say there are two types of people… Those who speak and those who listen (wow this just got so deep, so quickly.) The question I often ask is, why can’t I be both? Roughly 7 billion people in the world. If half of them are speaking and the other half listening… what if the exact amount of people in the world is an odd number….?

It’s amazing how one voice can be heard out of millions. That voice doesn’t necessarily have to shout. The voice just naturally attracts the ears of those who are there to listen.  And then you get those whose voices could be screaming but will never be heard… That’s a bit of a sick way of thinking but in a way that’s how the world works. Those who speak, and those who listen… The world needs a new category… Those who listen to what they’re saying.


10 January 2015

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