Your Own Skin and Bones

Your own skin and bones…

In order to get through life there are many things you need, but one I would like to focus on is being comfortable in own skin and bones…

In today’s society it’s so easy to lose the safe, comfortable idea you have about yourself.  You can easily just take a picture and put on the internet and its there for the world to see. And at the same time you’re seeing other people and you begin to notice the little things like, her hair is longer than mine.. Why don’t I have long hair or she’s really thin and fits well in that pair of jeans where as when I put a similar pair on I look like a whale… We forget that we don’t fully know what that other person had to go through to look like that. The amount of editing that photo could have gone through to look so “perfect” or the amount of exercise she could have done while you sit at home and drown in your own self-pity.  And the stupid thing about all that is that none of it is important. When it comes down to people liking you, you could have the best figure in the world, the blondest hair or the bluest eyes (yes I just used the worst Barbie stereotype ever but just go with it) but if you have no substance to what you have to say you can’t expect anyone to want to even hold a conversation with you. The way you see yourself is so overrated yet underrated at the same time. If you sprouted a pimple overnight no one is going to care, no matter how nasty it may seem, if what you are expressing is relevant to the world around you.

In the end we’re all skin and bone, that is one thing we all share (If you’re missing either one you should probably have that checked out…) and no matter what you wear, what colour your hair is, if you have hair, none of that matters if you are able to be comfortable in your body. There is no point in stressing over how you differ in appearance with other people as long as your morals are good and are aimed at helping others you will be happy. No matter what.


11 January 2015

3 thoughts on “Your Own Skin and Bones

  1. Hi
    My name is linda and I’m an introvert….
    And I would just like to say thank you for this
    I was actually on the border of making a life changing decision one of which required confidence ( the better decision) and another that was easy but highly consequential. Also yaseen I agree with you 110%
    Thank you once again


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