Only a Dead Fish Goes With the Flow…..

Only a Dead Fish Goes With the Flow…

One sentence can be read in many ways. Some people take it as a very lame joke (You know who you are) while others take it as motivational. It’s strange how people can differ.  I, for one, was of those of the deep variety and when I saw the quote I had to think twice about how I saw everything.

Some just decide to go with the flow of things, or at least they try. Most tend to fail at it because they were never meant to just go with the flow. We were born to be different, to swim the other way, but most of us don’t even realise that we were born that way and sometimes when people do, they don’t realise the importance of being different. Many people spend hours of their nights (you know when you have to do something really important the next day and decide to go sleep early but for some reason your brain rejects your request to sleep and prefers to ponder your place in the universe) wondering why they can’t seem to fit in anywhere, but the thought that maybe they were different for a reason doesn’t seem to cross their minds. I have a theory as to what that answer might be. I feel like you get the people who were meant to go with the flow but then you have that one person that was meant to be different to remind us all that we are individuals, that we don’t have to go with the flow and that the flow doesn’t make us who we are.

Now the question is, what am I? Was I meant to be different or am I just a person who should go with the flow? What opportunities would being different give me and are they worth leaving my comfort zone for?


17 January 2015

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