“We’re All Stories In The End”- Steven Moffat

“We’re all stories in the end….”

They say that everyone is different, which is true, however we all have one thing in common… Everyone has the same ending. Death is inevitable. Now before I start to get you sucked into this morbid tale, I’d like to first say that one should not fear death itself, but fear that after you’re gone the story you leave behind will be boring and dragged out with no happy ending.

According to the statistics Google has given me (I can’t promise accuracy with this one) 107 people die per second. 107 families mourn a person’s death every minute. How many of these people lived full and healthy lives? How many were children? How may didn’t reach the average age of 70 and how many actually died of “natural causes”? These things are unknown. How do we know we aren’t next? The truth is we don’t. Ten minutes ago I discovered a relative of mine had passed on, I never really knew him, however I have heard stories about him. He was a strange person he married a beautiful wife and had two children, unfortunately he would have had more, but his wife miscarried thrice before their first child was born, some might say that could have sent him over the edge, others might think not. Years went by and at some point his wife was diagnosed with cancer. The stories I’ve heard are that while she was on her deathbed he was seeing other women behind her back. Not long after his wife had passed on he remarried and somewhat abandoned his children. Years later he was diagnosed with cancer himself, a brain tumor in fact. Imagine what his last few moments were. What happens after death is a mystery, it’s something one has to experience themselves therefore I cannot tell you whether it’s a good thing or not. What I do know is that while you’re still alive and you are able to choose how you want to live, make it the best you can because you don’t know what you might get after you die. Also, remind yourself that you aren’t the only person that’s going to die, so make it easier for other people to live the happy lives they deserve. The story the man left behind doesn’t put him in the best light and that is so important. The legacy you leave behind should make people smile and feel happy, not ashamed and pitiful.

The question I ask you, kind reader, is do you want to be remembered as someone who always made people smile? Do you even want to be remembered? The choice is yours and your answer should be shown, not just imagined.

16 February 2015


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