A Month Of Change…

“Do not walk proudly on this earth, you can neither tear this earth apart nor can you rival the mountains height” –Quran 17:37
We have entered the month of empathy, or atleast that’s what I call it because during this month we strive to learn how to feel what others feel in many different ways. As the month goes by it is filled with giving love, support and everything good. All these acts of goodness are encouraged to be done out of pure selflessness, however it’s easy for any of us to yearn for that fulfilling feeling of being thanked and therefore we tend to boast about how many times we’ve given charity or done something good. Pride gets the best of us. Pride is the one sin so many of us overlook and this is me, for once in my life, truly acknowledging it.
To be completely honest with you, I’m not the best Muslim out there, I try, but there’s always an excuse and that’s something I need to change, but in doing so I need to get my priorities straight. I need to make sure that the reason I’m doing good is not to be acknowledged but just because it’s going to benefit other people. I need to remember that although that feeling of being thanked feels nice it can also set you on the wrong path in the blink of an eye. Making someone else smile is my priority for the next month. Whether it’s through doing something nice for them or not being stubborn and letting them have their way for once, all the little ways to make someone else happy.
Another way I’ve been referring to this month is the month of change. I know, I know, people change constantly but there are these periods in your life where a dramatic change happens and I have chosen this month as my time to get my ducks in a row. I’ve chosen this month as my time to change and develop for the better of, not just me, but for everyone else too. I try not to make a big deal over little things that go wrong in my life anymore because I’ve realised that there are somethings I can’t change no matter how much I want to. There’s just no point in wasting the limited time I have in my life to worry about something that I have no control over. Making these decisions are so hard, I will admit that, and there will be those few people who don’t really understand what it means. They’ll call you things like unsympathetic and it will hurt, but let me tell you don’t let it get to you because it is not true. You are making sure that after everything you remain happy and there is nothing wrong with that.

Stay true to yourself
19 June 2015

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