Go find yourself

Go find yourself…

So anyone else notice how fast time has been going by recently…?

It’s so scary how just one year ago I was a completely different person. I didn’t know the people I know now, I didn’t even know who I was. I couldn’t identify myself for who I truly was. I was an attachment to anything or anyone I could find. I was not me. Over time I somehow realised this. I realised that I was not allowing myself to be an individual. I wasn’t allowing myself to live my own life. For some insane reason I thought I needed to attach myself to something or someone in order to be relevant. It took sometime but I realised I needed to just forget about how other people are going to feel just for a moment and think about myself for once. What would make me happy and I mean truly happy and comfortable. I came to the decision of cutting those negative people out of my life. The people who somehow, without intending to, brought out all of my insecurities and made them seem as if they defined me but the truth is: they don’t define me. What does define me is still a question I need to figure out the answer to, and slowly I’m getting closer to the answer as I learn more about who I am as a person. How I learn who I am is through the opportunities I allow myself to experience fully. I’ve learnt that if I’m not giving myself fully to an opportunity then what is the point of even doing it. I won’t get the full benefit of it if I’m not fully committed. And I know, it’s difficult to give yourself fully to something because there’s always the fear of failing and then losing everything you gave but what people need to realise is that even if you do fail you’ll only lose everything if you give up completely. Every moment you live is important, remember that. Make the most of it so that you can have the best time being you and over time ,slowly but surely, you will learn to be comfortable with yourself. You will be happy ,I promise you, all it takes is effort.

I have one request from you before I end this post.

Make the effort!


2 August 2015

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