Bring Some Change…

Bring some change..

Hello everybody! I haven’t been very good with posting on here, I will say I have been itching to get a new post up but life has been so crazy these days that I haven’t been able to sit down and write.

About a month ago, I decided that I would show society that I live by my own rules and basically, I dropped out of regular high school and decided to teach myself at home. I know what you’re thinking how on earth did I get that right and why would I do that? My mother actually surprisingly encouraged the whole ordeal and after discussing it with me we decided together that it would be for the best if I spent the next year and a half doing school and learning in an environment that suits me.

Society tends to be very specific in telling us how we should live our lives. Every person is born then sent to school, expected to graduate and go to college or university and somewhere along the line get married, get a job and have kids and when you’re old you’ll retire and live your last few years being old and doing meaningless things to fill your days until you eventually die. I just don’t agree that that’s the only way people should live their lives. If you want to go through all of that then sure go ahead, you do you but I personally feel life is worth so much more than wasting away in crowded classroom and limiting yourself to things that everyone else and society expects from you.

We live in an age where children don’t have the space or freedom to be children anymore.

Education is important but what’s the point in sitting in a classroom for 7-8 hours of your day, just pretending to be paying attention. We’ve lost the ability to appreciate what we learn because we aren’t taught why it’s important to learn those things and frankly I don’t think the teachers teaching the subjects even remember why it’s important. Learning has become a chore, it’s no longer something people want to do, it’s just something everyone has to do and that’s the biggest issue because now we feel like because it’s forced on us we’re just going to have to push through it and try to make it look like we know and care about what’s going on but actually we just limit ourselves to the knowledge we need for the next test coming up and not for the sake of actually learning something because it’s actually something we are going to use in our everyday life.

Realising all of this and making a decision like I did wasn’t easy but making this change to my environment was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I would just like to remind you that when it comes to making decisions don’t be afraid to choose what will be best for you and be ready to face hardship but know that with every hardship comes ease and you have the power to change a situation if you really want to.

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23 September 2016

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