#slaysfordays Review

SwiitchBeauty SlaysForDays eyeshadow palette review….

During the course of this month I was sweetly gifted this palette from a good friend for my birthday and I thought doing a review on this popular eyeshadow palette seems like a good idea!

The real question is this product worth your money?

lets start with the packaging:

This palette sits in a beautiful matte black case, its simple and elegant however when I had received it in the mail and opened it up the lid was unclipped from the base of the palette. Fortunately the palette was not broken and i managed to clip the lid back in easily, however i do struggle every time I try to open the lid. The little button latch thing does not work very well.



All in all the colours in this palette are beautiful. They blend well, are quite pigmented however the product is very similar to LA girls eyeshadow palette and when I did a price comparison

LA girl’s eyeshadow palettes are roughly R100 for 12 colours (R300 for 36 colours) where slaysfordays palette is R350 for 35 colours so there’s that bit of information for you…


008 (2)

Would I recommend this palette?

If you’re someone who’s thrifty and doesn’t feel comfortable spending too much on make up I don’t think this palette for you however if you’re willing to spend that little bit extra then go for it! This product is definitely one of those when you feel like splurging a little, the colours are beautiful and are a good quality but I’m not sure I would I would consider it worth the price 😦

what do you think?

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19 March 2017

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