Mercedes Benz Fashion Week CT

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town…

 My thoughts and experiences….

As we know the three day show was unfortunately blown away… literally, and AFI had to quickly scramble to find a new home for the last two days of shows and I must say for an event that could have gone miserably wrong they did a pretty damn job at saving the show which I have to say was spectacular.

I was fortunate enough to see a show that consisted of three extremely talented designers, Jenevieve Lyons, Trebene and Vernac on the Saturday evening which also included a special bonus, but more on that later I would like to kick this review off from the very beginning..

As sad as I was that the show had to be postponed i was more thankful that i would have more time to figure out an outfit to wear. Although I had been to Fashion week before in 2015 I was 16 and had little to no experience and was still dreaming about expanding my blog by covering fashion as well, all I knew this year was that I needed to step up my game!

Details on my outfit can be found below..

Once we arrived at the new venue, Salt River Film Studios, I just didn’t want to leave… part of me was anxious before about not fitting in and looking like a lost little lamb, however as soon as I got out of the car I felt at home, I actually felt like i knew what I was doing for once, everything just felt right. I was around people that all had one thing in common, our love for fashion and that’s all we needed, even in the unexpected heatwave.

As for the actual show, I loved every bit of each designer pieces, some pictures can be seen below. each outfit was precisely to my taste and really inspired me. The Vernac show especially had everyone out of their seats not only for the impeccable designs but to top it off a surprise proposal to really get the crowd going!

All in all I truly enjoyed every minute of my experience at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and cannot wait for the next one!


outfit details:

blouse- Exact clothing

pants- Mr Price clothing

shoes- Woolworths

hair and make up by myself 🙂

Photo credit: AminaBooleyPhotography

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13 April 2017

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