Real Techniques Bold Metals- review

Real Techniques Bold Metal brush review…

for months I’ve been eyeing this beautiful set of brushes but let’s be honest, when it comes to the make up world your wallet takes quite a toll, about a week or so ago I finally had enough guts to say “eff it! I’m buying the brushes!” as I walked into the local Clicks store and saw the beautiful display.

To my delight Clicks was at the time having a 2 for 3 sale on any Real Techniques products (T’s&C’s apply) and I managed to splurge just a little bit more and purchase three out of the five brushes… I will say they are quite pricey and if you’re someone who really can’t find it in yourself or your wallet to spend that much on a set of brushes I don’t blame you, however not to worry, the Real Techniques brand is usually fairly affordable and very good quality, the Bold Metals Collection is genuinely for that day when you really feel like you need to spoil yourself!


The brushes themselves are beautiful I’ve got two in gold, a foundation and powder brush, as well as one in rose gold, the contour brush; but beside their elegant looks the actual quality of each brush is simply excellent… I do not regret this purchase and I will be going back for those last few as soon as my budget allows it.

Have you tried any of the Real techniques products and what are your thoughts?

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23 April 2017

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