Ramadaan 2017

Ramadaan 2017…

As the month of reflection approaches, we slowly begin to mentally prepare ourselves.

Every year I try to do one thing differently that has a positive impact on my life, either spiritually, emotionally or physically. It is an important part of this month to truly reflect on and understand ourselves and try to make positive changes to our lives. Mainly it is important for us to empathise with those who are struggling.

Here are a few  things i plan to try doing this month; if not all at least one:

Read more quran.

Such a simple thing and yet most of us hardly ever find the time to do. This is something I would truly like to implement in my life and continue to do constantly


Understanding the quran

It’s one thing to read the quran, but getting the biggest impact is obviously understanding what I am reading. As I take my time throughout the month to read the arabic i would also like to spend at least an hour reading it’s translation, as well as, taking down notes on how I can implement what I have read in my life.


Dressing modestly

Something I really struggle with is dressing modestly, if you’re one of those people that judge those women that make more effort to dress islamically modest during the month please keep your opinion to yourself, and if you’re one of those girls that struggle use this month as a guide to cover up, even better would be to try and continue that modest way of dressing on eid as well.

A few suggestions on where to get good quality pretty clothes and modest wear are:

Ghadija Khan Designs (@ghadijakhan)

Cherry blossom Couture (@cherry_blossom_couture)

Seruna Collection (@serunacollection)

*their instagram handles are shown in brackets


 Giving your time

Another thing I would like to try doing more is simply giving my time by volunteering at Islamic Relief or working at the SPCA.

I”m interested to hear what your plans for Ramadaan are, let me on social media

you can follow me on

instagram – @f_hoosain03

twitter- @fhoosain03

facebook page – SparrowSpeaks


24 May 2017


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