Mid-year Blues

Feeling sluggish?

I seem to have found myself in yet another slump…

Life.. it really knows which buttons to push doesn’t it? This entire year has been a hurricane of emotions and experiences. It’s funny how each year seems to have a pattern. You start out with that feeling of revival- new year, new me right? But then as the year progresses you find yourself falling back into those old habits. Instead of going to the gym you spend your evenings on the couch waiting for the next episode of game of thrones to come on and you’ve convinced yourself that that makes you happy so it’s okay, but then you scroll through Instagram and suddenly you don’t feel so great about yourself. One of your old high school buddies just shared some pictures of herself and her slightly average looking husband enjoying their time in Santorini or Italy while flaunting her baby bump in her ridiculously uncomfortable bathing suit.

That’s when you remember all those promises you made to yourself on new year’s eve about finding yourself and living the best life you can, but instead you spend most of your time at work and spend your free time laughing at memes on Facebook. Your year started out great; you were going to the gym every day, you were posting your healthy lunches on Instagram that fit the aesthetic, the guy at the local coffee shop seemed very interested in your conversations but somewhere along the line you got too busy to go the gym and the healthy salads you were making at home from Pinterest recipes weren’t filling you up so you ended up buying mc Donald’s for an afternoon snack and that guy from coffee shop stopped texting you back and now you’re back to square one- living life as you always did- you went back to your comfortable space where you’ve spent years convincing yourself that that’s where you’re happy because well, you’re comfortable.

It’s not too late to change your mind about what makes you happy, about what makes you truly happy. Are you and I going to opt for comfortable lives that don’t really amount to much besides settling because it’s easy, or are we going to take the difficult path, the path that makes everything a bit more interesting?

I’m interested to find out what you’ll decide to do..

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