O’ways Tea Cafe- review

O’ways Tea Cafe- here are my thoughts…


Being on a gluten free diet, you find yourself struggling to go out to eat as so many restaurants and food cafe’s don’t cater from a gluten free diet. While it is understandable that a food establishment can’t attend to every type of dietary restriction, but of course everyone wants to be able to forget about cooking for a day and just order something delicious.

One of the first and very few places that have been so kind and understanding about various dietary needs, O’ways Tea cafe caters for gluten free and vegan guests.

The environment:

walking into their little tea cafe, you instantly feel at home and welcomed. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They are well trained and understand fully when it comes to explaining any allergy threats.

The cafe is suitable for business meetings as well as grabbing brunch with close friends and family.

The Food:

The food is simply delicious. The chef of the cafe keeps things fresh and exciting by changing the menu seasonally. The food is rich in Asian flavors, I always enjoy my meal.

The desserts are always equally up to standard.

I highly recommend you try it out!


Although the food waiting period is rarely longer than 15 minutes, on each table is a board game for you and your friends to entertain yourselves with. There is also a free standing grand piano, which any guests can play with permission of the floor manager

rating 9 out of 10!

I hope you find this review helpful, please share your thoughts if you’ve been to O’ways Tea Cafe and if you haven’t already, give it a try!


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