5 Things about Relationships

Hello friend,

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to making new friends and trusting new people I tend to struggle a little bit. Here are 5 things to remind myself when entering a new relationship.



The first thing I look for when meeting people is how I feel around them. Questions I ask myself is am I feeling tense, do I feel like I need too be a certain way when I’m with this person, do I feel heard during this conversation? These are questions that everyone should ask themselves when introducing someone new into your life.

The most important thing to note is, can i be myself with this person?


Trust is your foundation. You should never have doubt within your relationship with anyone. Understanding how much you can trust certain people in your life and accepting that some people aren’t exactly responsible when people confide in them is key. Not everyone has the ability to carry emotional weight on their shoulders because they have so much that they haven’t dealt with and don’t feel secure, which is okay because we are all human, but the importance in understanding how strong that foundation is extremely important, especially when you’re someone that doesn’t trust easily.



If your friend does not make you laugh there is a huge problem in that relationship. Silliness and laughter are what brings the light and love within the relationship. If you can’t laugh at yourself or at each other, ask yourself why?


People tend to forget how important being heard and actually listening is when having a conversation. A conversation comes from two sides. Key things to remember; listen-comprehend-understand-respond. One of biggest barriers in relationships is when your partner is not allowing you to be heard. Always provide a space for both your companion and yourself to express one’s self and genuinely be heard.


Finding a connection with someone is both the easiest and most difficult. It’s so easy for us to connect on  surface level but, when it comes to connecting through vulnerability people are afraid to take that step. It is also important that the person you connect to when vulnerable is not toxic for you, a healthy connection with someone is vital to your own self being.

Lastly, before we can create healthy relationships we must have a healthy relationship with ourselves. Self love and security with one’s self protects us from forgetting our self worth and from getting lost in someone else’s insecurities. Before mending and creating positive loving relationships with others we must first mend and create that loving relationship with ourselves

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Sending love and happiness


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