The Body Shop skin Care- review

The Body Shop skin care review-

Today on the blog we talk about skin care products from The Body Shop.

Are they over hyped? Are they over priced?

I’ve tried and tested one of their products and here are my thoughts!

The Body Shop- Drops of Light Brightening and cleansing foam

This cleansing foam is both easy to use and leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and glowing.

Some cleansers take up to a 3-4 uses to actually see results, but this product provides results after 1 use.

price: R161 at clicks

Smell: light and fresh.

consistency: Smooth, creamy texture. Important to note that a little goes a long way.

Over all review: The drops of light brightening and cleansing foam does exactly what it advertises as and is 100% worth the price if you’re someone that often find cleansers reacting negatively to your skin. The product is ideal for sensitive skin and is designed to leave a long lasting refreshing feeling.

If you would like to purchase this product you can find it through the link below or go to your nearest clicks or body shop store.


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